About The Office

There is NO cracking or popping, only GENTLE and SPECIFIC adjustments.
Different structures are adjusted each visit.
Each visit and care plan is personalized.

Custom foot orthotics and nutritional supplements can be prescribed when necessary.

Traditional Chiropractic vs Graycar Non-Force Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractic uses high velocity adjustments to re-position the bones with the objective of relieving nerve interference caused by the bones being misaligned. The drawbacks with this approach is two-fold. First, high velocity adjustments can be traumatic to an already injured area. Second, the amount of visits required to correct a problem can be astronomical. Thirty, seventy even one hundred plus visits are being recommended by chiropractors in the area. NF chiro views that as a flaw in the approach to correcting structural problems.

Non-force Chiropractic Tools for gentle, specific chiropractic adjustmentsNon-Force chiropractic totally corrects the majority of structural (most muscle and skeletal pain ie low back pain, neck pain, headache etc.) problems in 6 visits. Very, very complicated cases can take up to 12 visits. What makes NF chiropractic more effective is the ability to differentiate between primary misalignments and compensations. If compensation misalignments are adjusted, the will go right back out. The reason they go out is to protect the body from the more major, primary, symptom-causing misalignments. This is why Conventional Chiro requires so many adjustments. They are adjusting compensations and expecting the body to “hold” at some point down the road. With NF chiro, each visit is different. If a vertebrae shows up on two consecutive visits, it is a compensation and will not be adjusted a second consecutive time. By identifying a compensation, we are then able to “peel” that layer back in search of causative mislignments. In this way we are able to create a linear or more direct path from dis-function and pain to total relief and complete removal of the problem.