About The Office

There is NO cracking or popping, only GENTLE and SPECIFIC adjustments.
Different structures are adjusted each visit.
Each visit and care plan is personalized.

Custom foot orthotics and nutritional supplements can be prescribed when necessary.



Non-force Chiropractic is an incredibly intelligent, safe and effective  technique -both for treatment and diagnosis of structural problems.  Dr. Graycar is a very skilled practitioner and diligent student of this technique. The work I've received over the last 4 years has resulted in great improvements in my health -and the health of the many people I've referred over the years.”  
- Greg A.

"Dr. Graycar's use of the Technique, I find harmonious and supportive of Structural Integration. Dr. Graycar is a master of this unique method of reading feedback from the body. The body guides him to the layers which are ready to release and become integrated. His technique and his philosophy are ones of empowerment."
- Pamela O'Conner, Structural Integration Practitioner

 “I have used the services of Dr. Graycar, and I can happily recommend them to anybody that has an ailment for which these types of treatment are generally useful.  If so, I believe Dr. Graycar is as good as they come.”
-  Ken Wilber, author of "A Brief History of Everything", and "Grace and Grit".

“I travel by plane for Mark’s adjustments.”
- Amy F.  


Careful Chiropractic Alignments